Shipping Policy

All of our orders are primarily shipped via USPS. Then, secondary FEDEX/UPS/DHL delivery within 3 to 5 business days in most cases.
However, we may opt to delay shipment on some orders of live items placed on Thursday, Friday or weekends until the following week to minimize the amount of time your products will be in a box and/or warehouse. The health and well-being of your plants is our first and foremost concern.
Shipping delay due to quality
In the case of quality issues with our inventory, which creates a back order, you will be notified via email. If no substitutes are choosen we will notify you the anticipated ship date of your items or offer you a refund of your back-ordered items.
Shipping during Extreme Weather
We reserve the right to ship according to weather conditions and select the appropriate packing material in accordance with the item selected and weather.
Enhanced packaging - For plant orders, when temperature of your location is lower than 15° C(55°F), we recommend purchasing a heat pack to include in shipment ensuring higher survivability of your plant.
Delay of shipment - under certain weather conditions, we will choose to delay shipment. For example, we will not ship when expected temperature of your location is over 35°C(95°F)/below 0°C (32°F) or there’s expected extreme weather condition like hurricane or rainstorm. It’s our top priority to protect the well-being of your selected creature or plant and your patience is truly appreciated.
Shipping during Holidays
Please check our home page for holiday notice. During holiday seasons, local postal service will experience severe delays as a result of the holiday shipping rush. Please place the order ahead or just feel free to contact us for a gift certificate that someone can spend after the holidays!
U.S: As long as you purchase not over 12 plants, you don’t need an import permit. Customers from Hawaii, Alaska, Guam and other territories, please contact your local authorities before ordering in case they might need special permits, declarations or treatments.
Other countries: We can ship to more countries that are not listed above (please note those we don't send below). Please contact your local authorities to see if an import permit is needed or your order is at your own risk.

How to take care of your plant after transit?

Plants are no different from human – we suffer from jetlag after long transit. Yet, some plants are more adapting while some are not. Here are the tips to rescue your jetlag green baby.

Alocasia/ Colocasia/ Musa & Marginal Tropical Plants
To ensure that these plants will revive after transit, we will wrap the root ball with moist paper & finish off with plastic wrap before we put it in the box to ensure the plant have the best chance of survival during an anticipated long transit time. Upon receipt of the plant(s), please check carefully whether the root is rotten. If the root is not rotten, and the caudex looks healthy, please follow the following steps to take care of it:
Step 1: Pot the Plant in substrate consists of 1:1:1 soil, peat moss and perlite.
Step 2: Try not to over water it. While these plant(s) do prefer a humid environment, however, the root do need to breath after a long transit, therefore you just need to water it in moderate amounts.
Step 3: Place the plant(s) in a bright environment, but away from direct sunlight & with good air circulation. New leaves will grow in 2-3 weeks!

Begonias/Ficus/Philodendrons & Carnivorous Plants
Do the plant(s) look stressed, droopy or some leaves may have dropped? It's very normal after days of transit. You just need to:
Step 1: If the plant looks dehydrated, you can wet the plant on a tray/dish so it can draw water (this method is called Wet-footing) from the bottom up keeping the leaves out of the water. In addition, cover it in a dome or plastic for 24 hours to maintain air humidity.
Step 2: Pot the plant in a pot filled with soil, then shower your plant. Make sure the substrate is 100% saturated with water.
Step 2: Put your potted plant in an enclosed humid environment with indirect sunlight, then leave it there 7-14 days. Make sure the substrate is always saturated with water. 2-3 weeks later a healthy plant will be smiling at you!