About Us

We are Plant enthusiasts from Southern California who love plants as much as you do. It is our goal to introduce these creations of joy to your home.

We have a physical nursery where plants are grown, propagated & potted for the enthusiasts from all walks of life. Our location is as follows:

7480 Main Street, Westminster, CA 92683

What happens after placing an order? Weather, packaging and etc.
We care about the well-being of these plants. Once we have received your order, we will check to make sure that the journey will be smooth for your plant specimen. The whole process will usually take 3-14days (depending on the shipping option you’ve chosen).
In case we determine that the plant ultimately is not in good condition for travel; is out of stock, or the weather is not suitable for shipping, we will let you know immediately.
Your order will be dispatched from our warehouse once it is ready, and you will receive an available tracking number for your order. Rest assured that we will use the appropriate packaging materials in accordance to the destination’s weather conditions.

1. Live arrival guarantee only applies when you contact us within 12 hours upon receipt of the package on any issue against the plants received (conditions apply, including 2 and 3 below). You should provide us photos/videos which clearly show the condition of the plant(s). We will not issue a refund or store credit if we do not hear from you within such a 12-hour window.
2. Our live arrival guarantee only applies to plants determined to be DOA (roots are all rotten and leaves are all gone) UPON RECEIPT. Any issue of the plant after receipt is not covered by such guarantee. We recommend you have a pot with substrate ready before the expected delivery date so that you can immediately take care of the plant upon arrival. Such a guarantee does not cover any minor issue about the plant due to temporary dehydration or hibernation (e.g., leaves have become dry or yellowish).
3. Live arrival guarantee only applies when you receive the plant at the first attempt delivery.

Where do you ship to?
We ship globally, but will determine on a case by case basis for certain countries or areas of destination.

How do you package the plants?
We care about the plants as much as you do, so we take into account the nature of the plant(s) and carefully pack it in a way that allows it to go through the journey. Since we ship our plants from Southern California, we usually will wrap the plant with a wet paper towel or sphagnum as the inner layer, and then use cling wrap or plastic casing as the outside layer. In winter, we may also use stereo foam box and recommend ordering a heat pack with your shipment.

Can I cancel my order?
Generally speaking, we do not accept any cancellation once the order is paid. Under extraordinary circumstances, we may agree to cancel the order. In addition, we will charge a 25% administrative fee for handling any cancellation request. Any coupon applied to payment of an order is non-refundable.

Can I add, remove or exchange products to my existing order?
If you intend to add, remove or exchange products (subject to availability) to your order, please email us immediately from the time of order. Any request made after plant(s) are staged for delivery will not be accommodated. Also, in the case there are credits to be refunded to you due to the price difference; we will charge a 5% administrative fee on such amount.

What if the plant arrives in bad shape or dead?
Please email us with 3-5 photos and unboxing videos of the received products. We would process the refund accordingly under our Live Arrival Guarantee policy.
I am not sure how to take care of the plant?
Just reach out to us anytime and our plant expert will be more than happy to assist you.

The plants arrived do not look like the photos you listed?
Plants are like people, and everyone is different. Photos are for reference only and the shape and size of the creature will vary. If you are not sure please feel free to contact us anytime.
Also, as we are shipping the plants to you from Southern California, it is common that the plant may be shocked or stressed after transit. It takes time for the plant to be acclimated upon arrival. We recommend you take that into consideration prior to making an order.

Can you find something I am interested in if it is not listed on your page?
Please reach out to us anytime and our plant expert will be more than happy to assist you.